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Work Sessions and Council Meeting (1st Half of July)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

July 7th Work Session

Work Session Agenda for July 7, 2020:

1. Call to order - 3:00 p.m.

2. Presentation and Discussion:

A. July 9, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Items:

Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

City Manager’s Report: Upcoming Meetings, Bid Openings and Bid Awards

Item 2 Consent Agenda

Item 2.1 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of June 25, 2020

Item 2.2 Approval of the City Council Special Meeting Minutes of June 26, 2020

Item 2.3 Resolution 2020-041, Acceptance of a revised Ingress/Egress/Utility

Easement, Plaza De Colibri Subdivision

Item 2.4 Resolution 2020-042, Pre-annexation Agreements for Parcel 106-71-201, 316 N 2nd Street and Parcel 106-71-200B, 314 N 2nd Street

Item 2.5 Resolution 2020-043, Pre-annexation Agreements for Parcel 106-70-097, 113 N 5th Street and Parcel 106-70-116A, 125 N 5th Street

Public Hearing(s)

Item 3 Resolution 2020-044, Approval of Big O Tires Annexation

New Business

Item 4 Resolution 2020-045, Court Consolidation Agreement with Cochise County

B. Report on Recent Trips, Meetings, and Future Meetings

C. Future Discussion Items and Council Requests

D. COVID-19 Status Report

E. CARES Act Community Development Block Grant Update

3. Adjourn

July 9th Council Meeting

July 14th Work Session

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