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Work Session for October 22, 2019


Agenda for October 22, 2019, Work Session with timestamps:

1. Call to order [0:15]

2. Presentation and discussion:

A. October 24, 2019, Council Meeting Agenda Items:

  • Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

  • Awards and Presentations

Proclamation declaring October as Fire Prevention Month

  • City Manager’s Report

  • Tabled Item

Item 2 Resolution 2019-075, Approval of the Modifications to Refuse Services and Fee Schedule - Tabled Item [1:15]

  • Public Hearings

Item 3 Ordinance 2019-006, Request for Rezoning for 700 N. Carmichael Avenue from NC to SFR-8 [30:59]

Item 4 Resolution 2019-085, Declaring a 30-day Public Record Proposed Development Code Amendments-Accessory Dwelling Units, Section 151.02.004-Definitions, Section 151.06.010- Accessory Dwelling Units and Section 151.22.006-Matrix of Use Permissions by Zoning District [35:38]

  • New Business

Item 5 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of October 10, 2019

Item 6 Resolution 2019-086, Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County for the establishment of a 700 MHz Simulcast Repeater at 100 North Avenue [1:04:05]

B. Update: Sierra Vista Veterans Memorial Improvement Foundation [1:09:12]

C. Report on Recent Trips, Meetings, and Future Meetings [1:18:45]

D. Board and Commission Liaison Update [1:22:24]

E. Future Discussion Items and Council Requests

F. Discussion of the Role of Commissions [1:23:37]

3. Adjourn


Full Agenda and Supporting Documents for this meeting: click here

Form for Public Comment Items: click here

As you can see (assuming you watched the meeting) I've asked for a couple more items from staff, information that I think will help us make better decisions. I think it's important for us to see a breakdown of what each function of the refuse enterprise is operating at and not lump it all together. In order for us to have a clear picture of what services are sustaining themselves and what areas are not, and for those that aren't, how much is that difference? My goal in this approach is for us to avoid ending up in another situation where we had some functions of the enterprise subsidizing other functions of the enterprise, and when changes were made that were beyond our control, the reserve fund took a huge hit. An enterprise fund is required to be self-sustaining and that includes planning for future capital, operating and maintenance expenses, as well as potential environmental changes. As always please contact me at with any comments or questions. I love hearing from you!

Your council member,


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