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Work Session for January 21, 2020

Full Agenda and Supporting Documents for this Work Session: click here

Form for Public Comment Items: click here


Agenda with timestamps:

1. Call to order [1:52]

2. Presentation and Discussion:

A. January 23, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Items:

  • Call to Order

  • Roll Call

  • Invocation – Pastor Chuck Carlson, Sierra Vista Community Church

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

  • Awards and Presentations

Presentation by the Commission on Disability Issues of the Sierra VistAbility Award to Sierra Vista Community United Church of Christ

  • City Manager’s Report: Upcoming Meetings, Bid Openings and Bid Awards [2:54]

  • Item 2 Consent Agenda

Item 2.1 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of January 9, 2020

Item 2.2 Resolution 2020-003, Acceptance of Subdivider’s Agreement and Improvement Security for Canada Vista subdivision [3:35]

  • Public Hearing

  • Item 3 Resolution 2020-004, an owner transfer of a Series 6 Liquor License for Christopher Guinter and Christine Alonso on behalf of PC’s Lounge, 4700 E Highway 90, Sierra Vista, Arizona [8:57]

  • Item 4 Resolution 2020-005, Request to rename a portion of Sherbundy Street to Watkins Way [10:06]

  • Item 5 Resolution 2020-006, Development Code Amendments to Section 151.22.006, Matrix of Use Permissions by Zoning District (Permitting of private general education schools) and Declaring a 30-Day Public Comment Period [14:53]

  • New Business

  • Item 6 Ratification of Resolution 2019-100, Modifications to Refuse Rates [23:40]

  • Item 7 Ordinance 2020-001, Amendments to Chapter 52 Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, City Code of Ordinances, to allow private recycling collectors [38:03]

  • Item 8 Resolution 2020-007, Approval of a Development Agreement with GL Mountain Vista LLC, Mountain Vista Mobile Home Park, 700 South Carmichael Avenue [50:41]

  • Call to the Public

  • Comments and Requests of the Council

  • Adjournment

B. Council Executive Report [1:27:53]

C. Discussion of the Role of Commissions [1:03:36]

D. Report on Recent Trips, Meetings and FutureMeetings [57:44]

E. Board and Commission Liason Update [1:00:38]

F. Future Discussion Items and Council Requests

3. Adjourn


You may have noticed that we jumped around a little in the agenda to make sure we had time to further discuss the commissions restructuring. The Council Executive Report will be added to the agenda of the next Work Session since we ran out of time during yesterday's meeting. Tonight is the grand reopening of the Domingo Paiz Soccer Fields at 5:30. I hope to see there!

As always, please contact me at with any comments or questions. I love hearing from you!

Your council member,


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