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Work Session for December 10, 2019

Full Agenda and Supporting Documents for this meeting: click here

Form for Public Comment Items: click here


Agenda with timestamps:

1. Call to order [4:57]

2. Sister Cities Association Exchange Students Presentation [5:03]

3. Presentation and Discussion: [23:37]

A. December 12th, 2019, Council Meeting Agenda Items:

  • Call to Order

  • Roll Call

  • Invocation – Reverend Donna Smith, Graceful Passages for Vets

  • Pledge of Allegiance – Berean Academy Color Guard

  • Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

  • Awards and Presentations

Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to Commissioners

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Award

First Lego League Robotics Presentation

Buena Robotics Nerds Team Presentation

  • City Manager’s Report: Upcoming Meetings, Bid Openings and Bid Awards

  • Item 2 Consent Agenda

Item 2.1 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of November 14, 2019

Item 2.2 Resolution 2019-091, Reappointment of Alvin Slarve to the Sierra Vista Library Advisory Commission, said term to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.3 Resolution 2019-092, Reappointing Berlynda Schaaf and John Matthew Moreno and Appointing Wesley Hewitt to the Parks and Recreation Commission, said terms to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.4 Resolution 2019-093, Reappointing George Broxton III to the Tourism Commission, said term to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.5 Resolution 2019-094, Reappointment of Francisco J. Flores to the Sierra Vista Airport Commission, said term to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.6 Resolution 2019-095, Reappointment of Ronald Faulkner and Appointment of Mathew Haupt to the Sierra Vista Environmental Affairs Commission, said terms to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.7 Resolution 2019-096, Reappointment of Patricia Olson, Bradley Snyder, David Thompson and appointment of David Grieshop to the Planning and Zoning Commission, said terms to expire 2021

Item 2.8 Resolution 2019-097, Reappointment of Lori Schectman and Kelly Norris to the Commission on Disability Issues, said terms to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.9 Resolution 2019-098, Reappointing Cristina Reinert and Jodi Gaston and Appointing JenMarie Zeleznak to the Arts & Humanities Commission, said terms to expire December 31, 2021

Item 2.10 Resolution 2019-099, Renewing the Approval of Off-Track Wagering Facility, for Turf Paradise at P.C.’s Lounge, 4700 East Highway 90, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Item 3 Resolution 2019-075, Approval of the Modifications to Refuse Services and Fee Schedule - Tabled Item

  • Public Hearing

Item 4 Resolution 2019-100, Modifications to Refuse Rates [32:22]

Item 5 Resolution 2019-101, Amendments to Chapter 52 Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, City Code of Ordinances, to allow private recycling collectors, and declaring a public record [34:58]

  • New Business

Item 6 Ordinance 2019-008, Development Code Text Amendments to Accessory Dwelling Units, Section 151.02.004 Definition, Section 151.06.010 Accessory Dwelling Units and Section 151.22.006 Matrix of Use Permissions by Zoning District [54:11]

Item 7 Resolution 2019-102, Accepting the Donation of an Animal Rescue Trailer by the Friends of the Animal Shelter [1:10:18]

Item 8 Resolution 2019-103, Official Intent to be Reimbursed for Certain Capital expenditures [1:12:31]

Item 9 Resolution 2019-104, Authorizing the City to accept the grant offer from the Arizona State Parks Non-motorized Grant Program [1:13:48]

Item 10 Resolution 2019-105, Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Supporting the Operation of the Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council [1:15:38]

  • Call to the Public

  • Comments and Requests of the Council Adjournment

B. Report on Recent Trips, Meetings and Future Meetings [1:22:35]

C. Board and Commission Liaison Update [1:24:58]

D. Future Discussion Items and Council Requests [1:26:58]

E. Discussion of the Role of Commissions [1:37:29]

3. Adjourn


As I stated during the work session, I am in the process of putting together a travel report for my recent trip to NLC's City Summit. I have a lot I want to share and I'm hoping I'll have it completed and available for you within the next week. As always please contact me at with any comments or questions. I love hearing from you!

Your council member,


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