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Thank you, Sierra Vista!

As many of you heard, it’s official, we finished strong, very strong! 💪With over 6000 votes, I am one of the 3 new city council members. Thank you all so much for your support, and for your votes. Congratulations to Sarah Pacheco and William Benning for winning the other two seats. I’m honored and look forward to serving with both of them. This race was long, but enjoyable. Every name on the ballot in this election ran campaigns that were professional and free of mudslinging. While on the campaign trail I made many new friends, one of which was a fellow candidate, Gregory L. Johnson. Greg ran a good, honest campaign, and I respect him tremendously. I’m proud to call him a friend and thankful I’ll still be able to turn to him for guidance while serving our beautiful city.

I would also like to thank the folks working for the City of Sierra Vista and the volunteers for the various city commissions. The time that I have gotten to spend with all of you will be of great benefit when I begin working in January. And to the various organizations that held meet-and-greets and forums, thank you so much. You helped to broaden the audience in a fair way, and I appreciate that.

I would also like to thank the Sierra Vista News Network SVNN and The Sierra Vista Herald/Review for their coverage of the candidates. Both organizations did a great job of providing fair and impartial information about the candidates. And lastly, I would like to thank my family for their support and patience through the campaign process. My parents and in-laws have been so flexible in watching the kids and going places with me during the campaign. My children have been so understanding when I was out of the house many evenings for meetings or events. They’ve cheered me on the entire time and proudly canvassed with me. They have been the best support staff a woman could ask for! 😉 There were those nights that I would come home after their bedtime and my husband had taken care of them since 3 in the afternoon. Honestly, my husband, Tim has done so much that I can’t even list it in one post. ❤️ His tireless support and unending love have kept me strong, even on days when I had doubts.

But again the most thanks must go to all of you, for your support and your votes. 🇺🇸 I feel incredibly privileged to live in a country that allows my neighbors to choose who represents them, and honored that they have chosen to place their trust and confidence in me. You’ve collected signatures, gave me advice, shared the campaign with their friends and family, endorsed me, put signs up, and contributed your time and money. You propelled this campaign forward! I am so grateful and honored that you have chosen me to be one of your city representatives. Now I am not only ready to work for you, I WILL work for you. PS: If you have a yard sign, I will be by within the next week to pick it up or you can drop them off at my house. Thank you! 😊 #Umphrey2018 #thankyou #pinkwave


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