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Strategic Planning Starts Tomorrow

This week the council will be meeting to update our strategic plan. I am proud to bring the platform I campaigned on, along with the concepts and ideas you’ve brought to me in person and online over the last several months, to include the topic of mental health in our community. Since posting about our mental health crisis on Facebook last week, I have been in contact with community members and non-profit groups who have also given me some of their information regarding this critical issue. Our continued work with these, and other organizations in the local community will be paramount, to include my attendance of the 2nd Cochise County Acute Mental Health and Substance Abuse Crisis Services Convening on March 7th, 2019, to be held by the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona. Only through the coordinated and orchestrated work of these groups, the City of Sierra Vista, and Cochise County, and you, can we better care for those in our neighborhoods. All of your input on this topic and many others have been invaluable in helping me prepare for our 1st strategic planning session, starting tomorrow. Thank you, your council member,


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