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September 2020 Meetings

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

City Spotlight

Great news as we see a soft launch of Engage Sierra Vistga aka Bang the Table go live!

Update on "mask mandate"

Art Contest


Work Session for Tuesday, September 8th

Agenda with Timestamp Links:

1. Call to order - 3:00 p.m. [4:45]

2. Presentation and Discussion:

A. September 10, 2020 Council Meeting Agenda Items:

Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

City Manager’s Report: Upcoming Meetings, Bid Openings and Bid Awards

Consent Agenda:

Item 2.1 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of August 13, 2020

Item 2.2 Approval of the City Council Special Meeting Minutes of September 1,


Item 2.3 Resolution 2020-053 Acceptance of Public Improvements/Partial Release

for Lots 97- 121 and 179-187 of the Summit Heights subdivision

New Business

Item 3 Resolution 2020-054, Development Agreement with CDS TWO LP, Phase 2

of Casa Del Sol apartments

Item 4 Resolution 2020-055, Adoption of the Land Use Assumptions (LUA) and

Infrastructure Improvement Plan (IIP)

Item 5 Resolution 2020-056, Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement with

Cochise County for Consolidated Court Services