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Tonight at the P & Z Commission

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Big developments at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting tonight. First of all, to feed some of the interest, the building going up in front of Fry's and Target is going to have 3 suites that can be either retail or restaurant, but there is still no word on who is going to move in.

There were many other things discussed, like ordinances on RV and commercial vehicle parking on residential streets, hiring a code inspector so we can return to a more proactive approach to code enforcement, and raising the commercial building code's minimum standards to reflect those standards we hold as a community. Although, I will now be able to learn and relay more about these developments because the P and Z Commission will be meeting on a monthly basis moving forward, what I really look forward to is hearing your input so that I take it with me to the city council as your representative.


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