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LACT 2022 Annual Conference Trip Report

Me, Councilmember Messmer, and Chairwoman Marquez-Peterson

This week I had the tremendous privilege of attending and representing Sierra Vista at the Annual League of Arizona Cities and Towns (LACT) Conference for a 3rd time. In addition to myself, our Mayor, Rick Mueller, Dr. Councilmember Angelica Landry, Councilmember Rodriguez, and Councilmember Messmer were also in attendance. I thought it was pretty awesome for our newbie council member, Marta Messmer, to jump right in and join us for the state league conference.

Highlights from Wednesday, August 31st:

Parade of Flags

Dr. Angelica Landry was our awesome volunteer this year to represent Sierra Vista in the parade of flags. Hummingbird topper inspired by the Town of Quartzsite having a camel topper.

Opening General Session

IIJA: Overview (Concurrent Session 1)

List of grant programs on NLC website or and database. Google “nlc ready to rebuild”

Blog post and webinars coming up - share w/ Victoria

Have to sell your story for your project, identify resiliency in the project

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program provides grants to local governments in two allocations as outlined in section 541(3) of EISA. The term “eligible unit of local government-alternative 1” (Local Government-Alternative 1) means—(1) A city with a population—of at least 35,000

MPOs will have elevated roles in a log if these plans since many will be looking for “proof of collaboration” (they want to see we included as many as possible) and regional planning

State task for launched page about a week ago - goal will be to serve as an info hub

Nag website to track grants

Local first will higher grant writer for you - more will be discussed in iija track: transportation

Smart grants can help with local match

What Lies Ahead: Arizona Water Supply (Concurrent Session 2)

Leading Women: When Women in the Private and Public Sector Work Together (Concurrent Session 3)

Highlights from Thursday, September 1st:

(Concurrent Session 1)

Building and Maintaining Effective Mayor, Council, and Manager Relationships (Concurrent Session 2)

Local Issues Before the US Supreme Court (Concurrent Session 3)

Local Issues Before the US Supreme Court (Concurrent Session 3)

Flexible Planning: Managing CIP Projects in an Ever-Changing Market (Concurrent Session 4)

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