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I'll be at the Work Session today at 3 PM! 😊 Here's the agenda:…

I often find work sessions to be even more interesting than the city council meetings themselves because the discussions between council members and staff flows more freely. As we all know, whenever a diverse group of people come together with differing opinions there can be some clashes of personality. I have seen this over and over in the nonprofit groups that I’ve been a part of. I pride myself on my ability to listen to all of the concerned parties and keep a cool, calm head even as I hear my own ideas or plans being opposed. Once everyone has had their opportunity to voice their opinions, I like to compare all of the evidence and make a decision based on that, without the heat of debate blurring the subject. I plan to take this same approach when on city council. Listening to all constituents, hearing all of the evidence from the commissions, and then taking all of that into consideration as a decision is made for the good of the city, not for the good of individuals or special interests, but for the good of our community.

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