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Happy New Year!

Tonight, when the clock finishes counting down the year 2018 and we all starting ringing in 2019, I will officially be one of your three new council members for the City of Sierra Vista! I am extremely excited for our first work session on January 8th, and our first council meeting on Jan. 10th. I’m very much looking forward to working hard alongside the other City Council Members, Mayor, staff, the West End Commission, and the Arts & Humanities Commission, to serve you and see that 2019 is a productive and prosperous year for our beautiful city. The success of our city is dependent on a positive relationship between the constituents and their elected officials. That being said, I will continue to make myself accessible to you, and will do my best to provide timely, and accurate information and responses. My new e-mail address for city related business and inquiries will be I still feel a tremendous amount of honor, and I am incredibly humbled to be in this seat, serving you. Wishing you and all you love a happy and healthy New Year! #CUatCityHall #Working4U #ServingSV


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