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Happenings on the West End

This evening some wonderful news was announced to the packed back room of Landmark Cafe. Matt McLachlan, Sierra Vista's Community Development Director, announced several things, the most exciting being the remodeling work being done on the Circle K at the corner of Carmichael and Fry is being done with funds from the West Sierra Vista Partnership Program grant! It's great to see this program finally in action!

We also had some great news about getting American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalks in more of the West End. The city is moving forward with identifying where the budgeted ADA compliant sidewalks are most needed. Jeff Pregler will be working with the Commission on Disability Issues (CoDI) and the West End Commission to identify areas that should take priority.

Father Greg, of St. Andrews Catholic Church, and a couple local artists have been looking at murals in neighboring towns, like Benson to get an idea of what we would like for our own downtown. They've identified 25 sites on the West End as potential mural locations. The mural ideas talked about highlighting the connection between the city and Fort Huachuca. Ideas like a postcard style painting, or Buffalo Soldiers, railroad images, and maybe historical ideas like a painting of the Carmichaels or the Fry family. There are so many options, it will be exciting to see what is picked.

It's also always great when Carolyn Cruz of the Sierra Vista Historical Society shows up. Today she brought some of her finds from a daring expedition into the heart of eBay where she found some postcards showing the Sierra Vista Community Hospital and the Bella Vista Motor Hotel. It's amazing to see how much these places have changed over the years. I just love all the new (old) things that Carolyn brings with her to share with the group, they are just the coolest (and so is she!). The Sierra Vista Historical Society is also working on a plaque for the Westwood Village Apartment complex much like the ones that can be seen outside of Landmark Cafe, Wells Fargo, and Jack in the Box. If you haven't seen them swing by, they mark the locations of historic significance to our city. According to Carolyn the new plaque will be marking a place that was originally "rock houses" and then developed into the first apartment complex of Sierra Vista.

If you're looking to get involved, 6 to 10 volunteers are needed on the 22nd of September at 8 AM on the corner of Busby and Carmichael (Busby Park) for a clean up of the south side of Fry Blvd.

This evening was also Tip-A-Cop at Vinnie's Pizza. This was a great event where the tables were waited by Sierra Vista's finest to raise money for this year's Special Olympics. It was loads of fun with my family and friends, and one of the few times when you get served by armed officers and like it.


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Carolyn Umphrey
Carolyn Umphrey
Sep 04, 2018

Thank you, Jane!


Unknown member
Sep 04, 2018

Carolyn. Bob and I would be proud to place one of your signs in our yard! Will send you picture when we get it placed. Thanks! jane


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