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December 2022 Recap

Updated: Jan 11

This Month Around Town and Fort Huachuca:

Another busy month to round our the year and my first term on City Council. I attended the Retirement of Jeff Jennings, the Greater Huachuca Area Democratic Club Meeting to honor Dorothy Tompkins, the Chamber's Christmas Light Parade, the 2nd HIP-R2C, the General's Holiday Reception, and participated in Las Posadas for the first time, among other events.

The Sierra Vista Herald/Review hosted two hometown heroes who happened to both be a part of this year’s World Series. Darick Hall and Seth Martinez were in town last weekend to talk about their experiences and to meet with fans here in SV.

I love how Darick Hall stressed the point that "You don't do it yourself." when answering a question about his success.

Big thanks to the Herald/Review and SSVEC for making this happen.

Social media snapshots:


This month at City Hall:

Work Session for Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Work Session Agenda with Video Timestamps:

1. Call to Order

2. Presentation and Discussion:

A. December 8, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda Items:

B. Council Executive Report

C. Report on Recent Trips, Meetings, and Future Meetings

D. Future Discussion Items and Council Requests

3. Adjourn


City Council Meeting for Thursday, December 8, 2022

City Council Meeting Agenda with Video Timestamps:

Call to Order

Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance

Awards and Presentations