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City Council Meeting of February 13, 2020

Full video of the meeting:

Full Agenda and Supporting Documents for this Meeting: click here

Form for Open Public Comment Items: click here


Agenda for Council Meeting with timestamps:

  • Call to Order [2:33]

  • Roll Call

  • Invocation – Pastor Jeffery Anselmi, M.A., First Christian Church

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Item 1 Acceptance of the Agenda

  • City Manager’s Report: Upcoming Meetings, Bid Openings and Bid Awards [5:22]

  • Item 2 Consent Agenda [7:51]

Item 2.1 Approval of the City Council Regular Meeting Minutes of January 23, 2020

Item 2.2 Resolution 2020 - 008, Appointment of Lawrence R. Goodhue, Adrienne Weiss, Brandy Kea-Robinson and Johanna Scott to the Industrial Development Authority, said terms to expire December 31, 2024

Item 2.3 Resolution 2020 - 009, Acceptance of the Resignation of Kathy Calabrese, with regret and Appointment of Julia V. McCaa to the West End Commission, said term to expire December 31, 2020

  • Public Hearing [9:47]

  • Item 3 Resolution 2020 - 010, Development Code Amendments to Section 151.08.002 - Public Improvement Standards - General Regulations, Article 151.19-Subdivision Platting Procedures and Requirements and Declaring a 30-day Public Record

  • New Business [18:31]

  • Item 4 Resolution 2020 - 011, Text to 9-1-1 Grant Agreement

  • Call to the Public [21:43]

  • Comments and Requests of the Council [27:42]

  • Adjournment


I hope you're having a great weekend! And for those with school-aged children, don't forget we have the Youth Arts Festival today at Cochise College from 10 am to 3 pm.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at with any comments or questions. I love hearing from you.

Your council member,


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