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Amendment on Long Term RV and Trailer Parking will go to Council

This evening the Planning and Zoning Commission met for the first time since September to discuss proposed amendments related to the city's architectural and design building standards as well as an amendment that would prohibit long-term parking of RV's and trailers on residential streets.

The meeting started out with approving the Commission Reappointments of Sharon Lake and Chrysti Lassiter. I'm very grateful that both of them have agreed to serve another term on this Commission. :)

Next, the Commissioners discussed the proposed Architectural and Design Review related to architectural standards in our city's development code. The proposed amendments are pretty lengthy so I won't list them here, but you can find the unrevised draft here with the other agenda items. The Commission focus their attention on the color palette allowed under these proposed codes. As written in the draft the colors allowed would be "Muted Colors," earth tones, but it's was the commission's opinion that the West End should be exempt from this rule. The commission also made the suggestion that the 2nd pair of eyes, like the Development Review Committee (DRC) be used to approve waivers for those that are trying to qualify for more than one item to be waived. Both sections will have language added to reflect these suggestions before moving forward. If the proposed changes are accepted, they would be requirements affecting new buildings and new site development, as well as exterior facade modifications to existing buildings requiring a building permit. These potential changes would not apply to single family homes or multi-family developments.

Lastly, the commission tackled the newly proposed amendment that would prohibit Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Trailers from parking on any residential street for more than five days. The consensus of the Commission was for this proposed amendment to move forward, and it will likely be presented to council early next year.

I'm pleased with what was discussed in the meeting this evening. I like the suggested updates to the design standards on commercial and industrial buildings to help ensure a safe and aesthetically pleaseing enviroment as well as allowing for more liberties on color usage to brighten and liven our West End. Also, the long-term RV parking issue came up multiple times while I was on the campaign trail this past year. I think what is being proposed is a reasonable conpromise and far better than an outright ban on street parking. What do you think? I'd love to hear from you as this will be an issue I will be voting on as your new council member. #PandZ #PlanningandZoning #Commission #Meeting #cityhall #citycouncil #ordinance #code #review #change #RVs #trailers #parking #news


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