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A Costly Mountain of Dirt

It's been about 12 years since I last visited the Sierra Vista Municipal Airport. The last time I was here, I was flying solo from SV to NJ with a connection in PHX. A lot has changed since that flight. Sierra Vista's airport is a general aviation airport, and no longer services commercials flights due to changes in the Federal Aviation Administration's plan. But there's still a lot happening there, as I've learned from attending a very interesting Airport Commission meeting this evening.

During the call to the public, I was able to get clarification on the budget line item "dirt removal." The commission referred to it as Mount Dooley, which I think is more fitting given the size of the issue. Seeing Mt. Dooley for myself helped me better understand why the current pending budget had $150k line item for this task. The hope is to see the dirt moved off-site and make the land more marketable future use.

Originally budgeted for $200k, prior to $50k being reallocated for a new Airport sign.

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