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A Day of Economic Importance

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Yesterday was a busy day, so busy I'm just now getting a chance to post an update!


At 10 AM yesterday the Arizona Supreme Court released their opinion siding with Pueblo Del Sol Water Company and ADWR in what was commonly referred to as the Tribute Suit. The suit involved the proposed Tribute subdivision’s adequate water supply designation. You can read the opinion here:

As I stated before, when I am your city representative I will make sure to be a strong steward of our water and other resources. I will develop and maintain strong and productive relationships with our state senator and representatives to ensure that any new legislation involves sustainable and effective use of these precious resources. I also pledge to make sure water conservation efforts are priority for Sierra Vista, especially when it comes to maintaining and expanding our current recharge efforts (returning water to the aquifer). I will also push for responsible resource use expansion and protection for current homeowners. The Court’s decision will not change my goals for our city.

In the afternoon I got to meet with some of the true drivers behind economic growth in Sierra Vista at the Industrial Development Authority.  The IDA of Sierra Vista provides leadership and funding for affordable housing as well as community and economic development.  I had the pleasure of accompanying the new IDA board members on their tour of properties the IDA currently manages, and even though I had to leave early for the city council meeting, it was inspiring to see this group in action and what they've done for our community.

The city council meeting included a vote on the tax levy, maintaining our current tax rate. There was also a vote to rezone the old K-mart so that U-Haul could establish there. It was great to see how this process played out leading up to the vote. The city contacted over 80

residents living within the area and sought feedback from them to come to a comprise that worked for everyone.  It was a really big and important meeting for the city!  I’m happy to see the growth direction we moved in during the council meeting last night.

Finally I capped the night off with my family at Peter Piper Pizza and participated in the fundraiser for Pueblo Del Sol Elementary School.  I don’t know about you, but pizza fundraisers are easily one of our favorite fundraisers!


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