Positive, honest, and DEDICATED leadership

Economic Security
  • Advocate and defend missions on Fort Huachuca by continuing to build strong relationships and supporting projects that add military value to Sierra Vista.

  • Prioritize support for local, homegrown, and smaller businesses.

  • Sierra Vista's climate is ideal for outdoor sporting events all year round, and yet not enough people know about it.  We can  increase our sports tourism revenue by expanding our reach to the sports community and ensuring our service is 2nd to none when athletes/teams travel here to play.

  • Reduce blight and clean up dilapidated building to help reduce commercial vacancy rate.

  • Expand the already successful West Sierra Vista Partnership program to assist even more small business owners.

A Vibrant, Active, and Safe SV
  • Better roads by prioritizing reducing the number of those that fall into poor classifications.

  • We need to evaluate our compensation plans and prioritize competitive salaries for our 1st responders.

  • Strengthen our community by partnering with local businesses to host more events held throughout the city that encourage neighbors to meet and foster community ties.

  • Park amenities should be within walking distance of every resident in Sierra Vista no matter where they live in the city.

  • Move forward with Phase II of the downtown redevelopment and continue successful efforts to revitalize the historic West End.

  • Developing a complete streets program so everyone can can from point A to point B no matter their mode of transportation.

  • Effective planning and management of our water resources.

  • Work with Sierra Vistans to help implement a regular "clean up the city" program.

  • Increase opportunities for public art.

Community Engagement
  • When it comes to effective communication and an informed public, we need to meet people where they.  Everyone has their own way of keeping up with the day to day news, and that's an area we need to never stop striving to improve in.

  • City customers should be able to expect the best best possible treatment and respect when they have to visit or call City Hall no matter who is working with them.

Real Results

Three years ago, you elected me to serve our community as a Sierra Vista City Council Member. As a candidate, I shared with you my vision for Sierra Vista, and I have stayed true to that vision. I am incredibly proud of my record and all we have accomplished together.

Since taking my seat in 2019, together we have:

  • Lowered property taxes.

  • Promoted transparency by being the first to publically share council travel reports.

  • Brought our West End and Arts & Humanities Commissions together to add more public art to the West End.

  • Set goals for better online public engagement in the Strategic Leadership Plan resulting in the launch of Engage Sierra Vista and a more active and informative City Facebook page.

  • Made major progress in the revitalization efforts of Fry Blvd. on the West End, after several successful public open houses and meetings encouraging public participation.

  • Defended Fort Huachuca from the potential loss of the UAS training mission.

  • Added the reactivation of the AZ Military Affairs Commission to Sierra Vista's Legislative Agenda

  • Represented Sierra Vista on the Military Communities Council.

  • Supported small businesses during the pandemic by making sure there was enough money allocated to those that qualified for CARES Act funding.

  • Supported our community during the pandemic by voting to use CARES Act funds to help with rent, utilities, employment, food, education, homelessness, and mental health.

  • Corrected issues in our Refuse Enterprise Fund to make it self-sustaining after working hard with City staff and taking the time to do a deep dive into the finances and analyzing each function.

  • Opened up curbside recycling to private companies so Sierra Vista could choose to continue recycling after the drastic market change.

  • Made our residential streets safer by limiting long-term storage of RVs, campers, and trailers in the public right-of-way.

  • Conducted a thorough and public review of police policy to ensure compliance with CALEA standards.

  • Supported the will of the people by voting to establish zoning that would allow a marijuana dispensary to open within the city limits.

  • Worked to successfully see Gov. Doug Ducey designate Sierra Vista The Hummingbird Capital of Arizona.