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I am a proud Army wife, mother of three, business owner, dog groomer, and Sierra Vista City Council Member. 

Even though I was born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast, I consider Sierra Vista my home.  My husband and I chose to return to Sierra Vista and make it our forever home back in 2008 and now we are raising two little Sierra Vistans in the heart of this wonderful city, the West End.

Nearly 4 years ago, you elected me to serve our community as a member of the Sierra Vista City Council. As a candidate, I shared with you my vision for Sierra Vista, one that believes Sierra Vista can be the best city and we shouldn't accept any less. I have stayed true to that vision and I am incredibly proud of my record and what we have accomplished together.

Serving as your council member has been a true labor of love.  Since being elected, I've had the honor of serving as council liaison to the West End Commission, and the Arts and Humanities Commission.  And currently, I serve as the Chair of the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, as a primary for the Upper San Pedro Partnership, as a board member for the Rural Transportation Advocacy Council, as a member of the Military Communities Council, and on the Budget, Finance, and Economic Development Committee for League of AZ Cities and Towns.

I wholeheartedly enjoy being a daily problem solver for our city. I am still just as excited to review the proposed agenda and its supporting documents and attend work sessions and council meetings as I was at my very first meeting.

I relish the challenge that running a local government presents.  We've made so much progress, but work like this is never done. Every achievement is shortly followed by a new item needing attention. Great cities never stop improving. We need to continue electing effective leaders for our city to continue heading in the right direction. This is why I've chosen to run for re-election and keep working for you and with you.  Let's keep Sierra Vista moving forward on the road to becoming the best city!

Photo by Ashley Elicio Photography

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Why I'm Running for Re-election
Tim and Carolyn Umphrey with their children.
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